1.1.02. New technologies

  • Not just traditional, numeric/textual
  • Research 70s biased
  • Digital media
    • Video servers (atom/bbc/youtube)
  • Multimedia databases
    • Web site, collection of diverse data types
    • Google, AltaVista
  • Stock Exchange
    • Futures, Currency markets, trends
    • Databases comprising not only data, but modelling algortihms
  • Microsoft's WinFS

Databases don't have to store just text. Increasingly Database servers are storing, indexing and delivering rich-media content, explicitly images, audio and video.

Microsoft's next generation File storage system (WinFS) is a relational database. From a user perspective, searching (the process of indexing content by keyword) is already mainstream. Users are moving away from rigid directory structures (files and folders) and towards keyword-tagged content.