Lightenna Limited is a digital consultancy specialising in the design, production and evolution of highly-scalable web services in the Cloud. We offer a variety of products, training and consulting services to help businesses develop their staff, evaluate future investments and make the most of their technology.
  • Building blocks for hosting containers (06 Oct 2020)
    Build a simple, secure platform to host containers on-prem or in the Cloud
  • Adopt GitFlow for team collaboration (06 Sep 2020)
    Git scales well from a 1-2 person team to a vast enterprise of developers, but the key is branching and merging.
  • Put containers into production, in weeks not months (04 Mar 2020)
    If you've got a beta app but no production environment to host it in, start small and iterate towards a full Cloud
  • Kubernetes on-premise or in any cloud (Part/fully-managed)
    Bootstrap a Cloud presence or make the most of your existing tin with a standardised platform. Our part or fully-managed, on-premise or any-cloud Kubernetes offerings give you improved reliability and resilience, reduced Operations costs and a migration path to the Cloud.
  • Multi-cloud first (10 Feb 2020)
    Going to the Cloud? Don't let your investment get lost in just one. Instead, use infrastructure-as-code to make the vendors compete for your custom.
  • Push back against IT vendor hype (11 Dec 2019)
    IT vendors are always pushing the next big thing, but knowing if it's right for your organisation cannot be answered by a sales pitch
  • Git for Version Controlled magic (07 Oct 2019)
    There are many version control systems (VCS) but few have the reach or convenience of git
  • Master the Migrate-Train-Run cycle (30 Sep 2019)
    IT is endlessly keeping up with the future, but there are things that make it dramatically easier
  • String substitution in Puppet using variables (12 Aug 2019)
    Variables allow us to start genericising Puppet configuration and allow us to keep things DRY (don't repeat yourself)
  • Set up Terraform to provision in Microsoft Azure (05 Aug 2019)
    Terraforming your Azure Cloud means building out a more predictable, reliable and extensible Cloud estate for the future
  • Puppet for configuration-managed Windows desktops (02 Aug 2019)
    Configuration management makes homogenising similar machines easier and there are some great free tools to get started
  • GraphQL using AWS AppSync (31 Jul 2019)
    An AppSync GraphQL example, automatically provisioned with Terraform
  • Get started with remote provisioning using Terraform (30 Jul 2019)
    Often local machines or firewalls make it impossible to run Terraform locally, but remote provisioning offers a convenient secure alternative
  • Keep track of AWS costs in real-time (27 Jun 2019)
    Don't wait to find out tomorrow what you could learn today, or for a big bill from your Cloud provider at the end of the month
  • Cloud data warehouse, just-in-time (02 Apr 2019)
    Gone are the days when you needed a massive online database 24/7 for analytics
  • Fear not the technical debt (16 Jan 2019)
    Tech debt is great, if managed.
  • Tell me what you've got, what you've really really got (14 Nov 2018)
    Whether you've got a web site, web service or full web business, understanding where it's at requires a clear view of where it's headed.
  • Cloud strategy inception (15 Oct 2018)
    Know where you're going, but then focus on the first step not the destination.
  • Web service review and Cloud audit (Checklist)
    Beyond the code, there's so much that needs to be thought about when launching and running a production-grade, scalable and extensible app or web service. Let's get specific!
  • Storing Terraform state in S3 (01 Oct 2018)
    Terraform is a great solo tool but, when you start working together as a team, keep the tfstate files in the Cloud (S3)
  • How to go to the Cloud, well (01 Oct 2018)
    Cloud might feel like a tick-box purchasing decision, but getting tangible business outcomes from a Cloud strategy is all about the people.
  • Cloud starter (Training course, 1/2 day)
    Inspire your team to greater heights in the Cloud.
    Audience: Developers, Architects, Testers.
  • Cloud framework (Roadmap)
    Start simple, start with people, but aim for a holistic well-constructed Cloud.
  • Zero to GraphQL (19 Jun 2018)
    Much-hyped and misunderstood, GraphQL isn't for everything but it might be just right for your API.
  • Sympathy for the devil (or his legacy anyway) (21 May 2018)
    Legacy systems (of any type) pervade almost every one of our roles, yet they are pretty universally hated. What can we do for our tomorrow-selves to break the circle?
  • Sunsetting Surfy Surveys (13 May 2018)
    Without iteration and test-and-learn, we never stood a chance of commercial success, but lots of good things came from doing it all wrong.
  • Doing work with a passion for excellence (06 May 2018)
    As the earth hosts greater numbers of human and artificially intelligent lifeforms, excellence is becoming more than a nice-to-have.
  • Spinning up AWS Lambda functions (Part 1) (22 Apr 2018)
    Serverless infrastructure holds great promise but building something fast that runs fast requires planning.
  • Cost of Dev-Ops Collaboration (08 Apr 2018)
    Collaboration is brilliant - the only way - but managing the volatility, uncertainty, confusion and ambiguity associated with it is expensive.
  • Buying software with integrity (07 Apr 2018)
    The ephemeral nature of a digital download can make for murky transactions. What we need isn't a 40-page EULA, it's a clear agreement of how and how long the software will work.
  • Getting Started in the DevOps space (01 Apr 2018)
    The Development-Operations world is a wash with some fantastic tools, but sometimes getting started can be too great an impediment to realise the 'DevOps' efficiency promise.
  • Scalability trumps speed (25 Mar 2018)
    Serverless promises a world without low-level worries, but what's it like at scale?
  • Help! We can't find the DevOps people. Do we already have the DevOps people? (19 Mar 2018)
    With market demand for Site Reliability engineers, DevOps engineers and Service Automation engineers eclipsing supply, at what point does cross-training become the only way to keep pace with the ever-more-automated world?
  • VR, wow... now what? (11 Mar 2018)
    Each iteration of VR technology creates a wow factor, but the annoyances slowly suck the life out of the experience. Are we getting close to a minimum viable sustainable VR hit?
  • VR for the near future (25 Feb 2018)
    VR has been a tantalizingly close proposition for years but where will it land first?
  • Kubernetes for a migratable future (18 Feb 2018)
    Serverless function-as-a-service (like AWS Lambda) is magic, but it's hard to commit at this early stage.
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