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  • VR, wow... now what? (11 Mar 2018)
    Each iteration of VR technology creates a wow factor, but the annoyances slowly suck the life out of the experience. Are we getting close to a minimum viable sustainable VR hit?
  • VR for the near future (25 Feb 2018)
    VR has been a tantalizingly close proposition for years but where will it land first?
  • Kubernetes for a migratable future (18 Feb 2018)
    Serverless function-as-a-service (like AWS Lambda) is magic, but it's hard to commit at this early stage
  • Doing it Smart (10 Feb 2018)
    It's great fun doing it clever, but sometimes keeping it simple is harder
  • Cost of Dev-Ops Collaboration (24 Jan 2018)
    Collaboration is brilliant - the only way - but managing the volatility, uncertainty, confusion and ambiguity associated with it is expensive.