Here are a collection of posts from our team on DevOps culture, tools and collaboration.

  • Spinning up AWS Lambda functions (Part 1) (22 Apr 2018)
    Serverless infrastructure holds great promise but building something fast that runs fast requires planning
  • Cost of Dev-Ops Collaboration (08 Apr 2018)
    Collaboration is brilliant - the only way - but managing the volatility, uncertainty, confusion and ambiguity associated with it is expensive.
  • Getting Started in the DevOps space (01 Apr 2018)
    The Development-Operations world is a wash with some fantastic tools, but sometimes getting started can be too great an impediment to realise the 'DevOps' efficiency promise.
  • Scalability trumps speed (25 Mar 2018)
    Serverless promises a world without low-level worries, but what's it like at scale?
  • Help! We can't find the DevOps people. Do we already have the DevOps people? (19 Mar 2018)
    With market demand for Site Reliability engineers, DevOps engineers and Service Automation engineers eclipsing supply, at what point does cross-training become the only way to keep pace with the ever-more-automated world?
  • Kubernetes for a migratable future (18 Feb 2018)
    Serverless function-as-a-service (like AWS Lambda) is magic, but it's hard to commit at this early stage
  • Doing it Smart (10 Feb 2018)
    It's great fun doing it clever, but sometimes keeping it simple is harder