Containers are transforming the way we develop and deploy code, but managing them in production requires a variety of skills. We specialise in Cloud platforms, so you can concentrate on the core business activity that adds value to your customers. We offer an array of services ranging from a simple out-of-the-box installation and setup of an on-prem Kubernetes cluster, through to a complete managed service including low-level patching, software updates and even attended deployments.


Less downtime

By using rolling deployments, you can reduce your service downtime to zero.


Better utilisation

Fewer distractions from the racks and pipes, so you can focus on delivering business value.


Route to Cloud

Make on-prem Kubernetes part of your wider digital strategy, perhaps as a 2-5 year stop-gap before migrating to the Cloud.


Everything you need for Cloud

Kubernetes may already fit into your digital strategy, but if you’d like advice on how to integrate an on-prem cluster into your existing Cloud infrastructure, please get in touch. Our consultants can bring to bear years of experience in Cloud adoption to help your business take on the right mix of services from hyperscale providers such as AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

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There's a human-being on the end of this form, so please tell us how and when you'd like to be contacted and anything pertinent about the on-prem environment that you'd like to move to Kubernetes.