Identifying how the dynamic world of Cloud impacts your business is something you may only have limited time for. Lightenna can ease your migration, drive costs down by increasing competition between Cloud vendors and help your team adopt new tools to realise productivity gains.


Go to Cloud quickly

Speed your progress to Cloud: we’ve got years of commercial Cloud migration experience, which means your team don’t have to start from scratch.


Automate to reduce costs

Make the most of the technology: robotic automation allows your team to work more efficiently and ultimately to a higher level of productivity.


Take the team with you

Build a DevOps culture: by working with your staff in-situ, we can help them adopt new tools to build confidence in running a performant web service.

Code first

Everything we do is based on open standards, to ensure that you never become locked into a single vendor. We deliver the infrastructure-as-code that you need to maintain, replicate and extend what you’ve paid for. That leaves you completely free to take the next step with any Cloud-acceleration team, but we hope our great service will mean you choose us again in the future.



Get the support you need without being tied in. We offer three different service offerings, depending on what you decide is the best fit for your organisation:

  • Staged handover: we design and provision your cloud with your team, then train them in the technologies that underpin it.
  • Part-managed: we patch and maintain the your cloud, by proactively monitoring for issues before they affect the service.
  • Fully-managed: as above, but we also handle code deployments, application performance management and cost optimisation to keep saving you money based on what you’re actually using.

Everything you need for Cloud

Your cloud migration may already fit into your digital strategy, but if you’d like advice on how to integrate this project into your wider programme, please get in touch. Our consultants can bring to bear years of experience in Cloud adoption to help your business take on the right mix of services from hyperscale providers such as AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure or others. We’re independent, so we can also recommend smaller ($250m+ market cap) providers to bring you the best value proposition.

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Accelerate your Cloud migration

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