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  • Put containers into production, in weeks not months (04 Mar 2020)
    If you've got a beta app but no production environment to host it in, start small and iterate towards a full Cloud
  • Multi-cloud first (10 Feb 2020)
    Going to the Cloud? Don't let your investment get lost in just one. Instead, use infrastructure-as-code to make the vendors compete for your custom.
  • Push back against IT vendor hype (11 Dec 2019)
    IT vendors are always pushing the next big thing, but knowing if it's right for your organisation cannot be answered by a sales pitch
  • Master the Migrate-Train-Run cycle (30 Sep 2019)
    IT is endlessly keeping up with the future, but there are things that make it dramatically easier
  • Cloud data warehouse, just-in-time (02 Apr 2019)
    Gone are the days when you needed a massive online database 24/7 for analytics
  • Cloud strategy inception (15 Oct 2018)
    Know where you're going, but then focus on the first step not the destination.
  • Web service review and Cloud audit (Checklist)
    Beyond the code, there's so much that needs to be thought about when launching and running a production-grade, scalable and extensible app or web service. Let's get specific!