Technology underpins all the work we do. Alongside specific posts about current training, consulting and development projects, this section highlights interesting tech that has the potential to inform our future work.

  • Fear not the technical debt (16 Jan 2019)
    Tech debt is great, if managed.
  • Tell me what you've got, what you've really really got (14 Nov 2018)
    Whether you've got a web site, web service or full web business, understanding where it's at requires a clear view of where it's headed.
  • Web service review and Cloud audit (Checklist)
    Beyond the code, there's so much that needs to be thought about when launching and running a production-grade, scalable and extensible app or web service. Let's get specific!
  • Storing Terraform state in S3 (01 Oct 2018)
    Terraform is a great solo tool but, when you start working together as a team, keep the tfstate files in the Cloud (S3)
  • VR, wow... now what? (11 Mar 2018)
    Each iteration of VR technology creates a wow factor, but the annoyances slowly suck the life out of the experience. Are we getting close to a minimum viable sustainable VR hit?
  • VR for the near future (25 Feb 2018)
    VR has been a tantalizingly close proposition for years but where will it land first?