Docker’s immutable containers have transformed infrastructure management, but without a solid orchestration layer they can become unmanageable in production. Kubernetes provides a fantastic industry-standard platform for cross-Cloud hosting.

  • Set up PostgreSQL cluster on Kubernetes in 5 minutes (29 Jun 2020)
    Managing the data layer is non-trivial because containers need redundancy and high-availability in order to be reliable. Enter Helm, the Kubernetes package manager, to make the orchestration simpler.
  • Kubernetes on-premise or in any cloud (Part/fully-managed)
    Bootstrap a Cloud presence or make the most of your existing tin with a standardised platform. Our part or fully-managed, on-premise or any-cloud Kubernetes offerings give you improved reliability and resilience, reduced Operations costs and a migration path to the Cloud.
  • Kubernetes for a migratable future (18 Feb 2018)
    Serverless function-as-a-service (like AWS Lambda) is magic, but it's hard to commit at this early stage.